Sunday, 24 February 2013

Another meeting

Waiting for the ferry
I went to another union meeting yesterday. Another annual one, but this time it was the meeting for the whole region and not just our little part. It was over three hours away in Bergen, so we took a bus. Along the way we picked up some more people, drove through a 8 km tunnel which was at its deepest about 240 meters below sealevel! 

The ferry itself
After another bit of driving we arrived at a ferry. We all got on, parked the coach and went upstairs. We were nearing the end of our ferry journey when we were told to get on the regular coastal coach, because our coach wasn't working anymore. So the sixteen of us trooped on the other coach and we drove on to Bergen. Where we had to walk all over town to get to our meeting. Fortunately it was nice weather. 

The union chairman Roger Moun
The meeting started off with professor Frank Aarenbrot. He is apparently quite well known around the world and gave us a talk. Since this year there will be elections here in Norway, his talk dealt with political parties and the like. He was interesting to listen to, if a bit long at times. After his talk there was a short break with plenty of yummy things to eat and then it was back to the meeting where they would have a debate about what the prof had been talking about, which I missed. 

Walking to the meeting
Later on the meeting dealt with voting for one thing or another. It was fast, it was furious and on occasion it was over before I realised what was going on! Funny though... The meeting was over just after 4pm and then we had to go back to Haugesund. But first we needed a bus again. It took some time to get one (the driver had to go to the bus lot to get one), but we finally got on a new bus and made our way back home. We had fun on the bus, but I was glad to be back home again. 


  1. Sounds interesting but also sounds like a long day!

  2. How is your Norwegian coming along? Could you follow what the prof was talking about in the meeting?


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