Sunday, 3 February 2013


So, I bet you are wondering what I am doing on those nights I don't have to work. When there are no union or 'welfare' meetings and I won't play badminton. Well, the last few weeks I have been sewing. I never sewed much while living in the Netherlands, but I did start here. I even had to buy myself a fingerhat (otherwise known as a thimble), because I was making holes in my finger!

Now, I haven't been sewing just anything. I have actually been repairing my first love. I have had that love since I was about two or three and have written about him before. You can read about him here! He looked great when I got him. All new and orange, with two eyes and a nose and a tongue. However, over the years he got a few battle scars. Because of all the time I spent hugging him in bed, he was decidedly the worse for wear. 

I realised before coming to Norway that he needed a doctor. And I asked my mum to be said doctor. She found some fabric and patched him up. But it wasn't enough. Since there were several more areas that were very worn. Worn so thin, you could see his insides and sometimes that was all there was: his insides. So, I bought some orange fabric, unpicked my mum's work and set to work. First it was his face, which needed nearly a complete cover-up! Then his back, his arms, his feet, his tummy, his ear. And finally his tail needed fixing.

New and improved, albeit naked!
He is still a one eyed, noseless and tongueless teddy, but he is not spilling his guts anymore. Now he just needs clothes, because I felt that at this time of his life he doesn't need to walk around in a bikini anymore. I tried sewing something, but it looked so awful, I might resort to knitting. Just not a bikini!


  1. Well your one eyed, noseless and tongueless Teddy is looking really nice. His doctor did a great job stitching him up :)

  2. You could give him a felt nose and an eye patch. He could be a pirate. My dougan is a 36 yr old stuffed dog and he has been loved as much as your teddy! I needed to sew his ear back on the other day. Cant live without him, though.

  3. You did a great job fixing him up. Perhaps being one-eyed, noseless and tongueless is what makes him your own teddy and someone you remember. If you fix him up like new you may not feel like he is yours anymore.

  4. My goodness, what did you do to this poor bear ! I'll call the animal protection ! It's about time that you dig out your sewing skills and repair that poor thing, lol !


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