Sunday, 17 February 2013


Photo taken by Pepperfly at the back of her
Living without cats has a few pros and a lot of cons. Let me start with the pros.
*No cathairs. And if you have to wear a dark blue uniform, no cathairs is a definite plus.
*No costs. They can be really expensive what with vaccinations, treatments, food, litterbox stuff etc.
*No cathairs. Yes, I know I mentioned it already, but they do get everywhere. Even after three months without my cats I still find them!

So, what about the cons?
*A home is not a home without a cat. Every home needs one! It is just empty here now. Nobody to greet you when you get home. 
*The friendship you get from a cat. I know they say dogs are friends and not cats. Now, this is almost always said by a dog owner/lover. Any cat slave will know it to be different!
*The warmth. You don't need a hot water bottle when you have a cat. Just let them lie at your feet. They radiate enough heat, being little furballs!

Of course there are plenty of people who think differently. It doesn't matter. Wuppie agrees. Although not so much about the cathairs and the costs. He thinks those are fine and managable. At least that's what I read in his eyes in the photo above! And the unspoken question:

When are you going to get us a new home with you in Norway? HURRY!!!


  1. Obviously I am a dog lover but only because I am allergic to cats. I believe that cats can be friends too! (I did have a great cat once) Can't wait for them to join you.

  2. Oh dear. Sounds like you are missing your cats. I have a hard time going on vacation and having to put them in a kennel.Our latest cat is the most loving and sweet cat we have ever had.


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