Sunday, 29 April 2012


We are going orange again!!
Work has been okay the last few days. Not much going on and definitely not those awful long days of old. It will probably really kick in sometime in the second week of May. And since half the staff went walkies, there is the same amount of work for less drivers! Should keep me in overtime at least...

Wuppie is almost back to normal. Not his ear though, his ear will never be normal again, but it least it stopped oozing and stinking. I just have to clean it out on a regular basis, because it's even harder to clean now than it was before (and he always had dirty ears before). He doesn't mind though, it stopped hurting as well.

Tomorrow is Queen's Day in the Netherlands. The day when we (officially) celebrate the Queen's birthday, but basically it's just one massive excuse to have the biggest open air market in the world: every city, town, village and hamlet will have stalls, carpets, cars and what have you with adults and children trying to sell you all the stuff you sold the year before.

In the mean time the Queen herself makes an appearance in two or three villages or towns in one region of the country. And masses of people show up for that. And where there's masses of people, there are buses. And I will be driving one of them. I will remember to take my camera to see what fun I can spot tomorrow (I doubt it will be the Queen) and of course I will put on my lovely orange hat. Got to stay in keeping of course!


  1. Glad Wuppie is feeling better.
    I hope the Queen sees you in your lovely orange hat. Maybe she'll take a photo of YOU.
    Luv, K

  2. Love the hat! Sounds like a fun day. Hail to the Queen!

  3. Just for a second I thought you posted a photo of the Queen. But it is you. Lovely. Very stylish look. Why only put it on on Queen's Day. I say... wear it all year. It doesn't look silly at all :-)

  4. So glad Wuppie is feeling better. At one time I would have loved to have wandered all around those stalls, but now I have enough 'stuff' to set up a couple of stalls myself.

  5. I trust Queen's Day went well. I love this line: "... with adults and children trying to sell you all the stuff you sold the year before."


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