Thursday, 12 April 2012


Well, I think the photo this week conveys enough silliness to meet the demands of this prompt: Silly. It's a photo of my sister and I taken several years ago when we were on holiday in Belgium and Luxemburg together. We were staying in youth hostels, seeing the sights, and being silly. As we do! Oh, and I am the up-side-downy one!

This is my fourteenth entry for Photo Theme for Thursday. Why not join?


  1. Hahaha ! that's a funny picture ! I love to be silly !

  2. Such fun! Please tell me next that your hair was not all about a gravity pull, but instead gelled so that it stood up spike-ishly when you up-sided yourself. LOL!

  3. Lolz.. that seems like fun... sisters are the best.


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