Sunday, 15 April 2012


I was parked!!!
Do you remember how yesterday was just a glorious day in the capital of Norway? Well, today was another one. If you are a duck that is and liked rain, because it rained almost all morning and beginning of the afternoon. And when it finally stopped raining: it started snowing!!!

I only had to do about 140 km today, which isn't that much, but of course I couldn't even find my way out of Oslo properly. I blame it on the roadworks and the rain clouds, which prevented me from seeing the sun and any shadows, which in turn prevented me from knowing what direction I was heading in. I found my way out in the end though, not to worry. When I finally got out of Oslo, the roads were actually pretty decent. Until we came to Drammen and from there on the maximum speed was only 70km/hour. If you were lucky! 

Heddal Stave Church
Since I would have arrived quite early at the site, I had decided to visit a church first. The biggest 'Stave church' in Norway! So, I was of course expecting something along the lines of Westminster Cathedral, but in wood. Alas, it was a bit smaller. Remember the church next to Westminster Cathedral? Oh, you know the one, I am sure. Well, it's about half that size again!! But very beautiful, despite the rain. Unfortunately I wasn't able to look in (unless I had been there at 10 am for the regular service), because the tourist season hasn't started yet: June. So, I took some outside photos and went on my merry way. 

The bell tower
There were two routes to where I am now: one on a nice big wide and quite straight road, the other on a not so nice narrower and bendier mountain road. I chose the latter. And everytime I could see snow on the mountains in the distance. Very pretty, but I didn't really want to stop for photos. I was sure I would see them some more. Boy was I right in that! As I took my last turning to my 'hotel', the road went up again. And up some more and more and more! And it started snowing a little and then a bit more. It stayed on the road a little which was not that much fun. But, then it cleared a little as well and all of a sudden I saw where I was supposed to stay for the rest of this week: on the top of a snow-capped mountain. Not in a hotel (there weren't any left in my price range), but in a cabin for four people! Of course I knew that in advance, so don't worry too much. And no, I am not sharing the cabin with anyone. It's just for myself!

The dining area
The only thing lacking now is the linen. I only have one teatowel and two towels I brought from home. No bedlinen though which is quite annoying, since there doesn't seem to be anybody here to get me some. Perhaps I need to phone somebody. 

View from the dining area
Anyway, the cabin is okay, the views really good and I think I don't have to worry about drunk folk out on the town tonight. 


  1. Oh dear, no bed linens? No blankets, either? You'll have to cover the bed with all your clothes, then crawl under them, which is fine if you don't have to get up in the middle of the night. It does have indoor plumbing, right? And heat?
    Looks great. Too bad you don't have us with you. We have this really great warmer that looks like a fat Golden Retriever. We call it Lindy. (No, she doesn't really sleep on the bed, but if we needed to stay warm, she could.)
    I know, we'll stay home, just send you the dog. LOL

  2. Some awesome architecture, Mara. Love that church.

  3. Such an interesting trip. I wonder why no bed linen. We took the ferry from Bergen about two years ago and tho' the accommodations were excellent, they didn't supply face cloths, so all we tourists were scouring Bergen for a store that sold face cloths. Someone should set up a stall by the ferry landing. They would make some good money. I love the Stove Churches. We saw quite a few on our trip. Such a beautiful country.

  4. Sorry about the rain. That church is beautiful! So your in a cabin now, that is so cool! So what's up with the sheets? Enjoy your time there.


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