Saturday, 14 April 2012

Of naked people and the South Pole

Stortinget (The National Parliament)
I spent a beautiful day in Oslo. I started off with a nice breakfast and then I made my way outside. One of the first buildings I encountered was the National Parliament building of Norway and there were tours going as well. So, I followed some people and ended up waiting for nothing because we were ten minutes late. Fortunately an hour and a half later there was another tour and I made sure I was on time for that! We were told about the history of the building, the history of Parliament and were allowed to take photos all the way through!

The 'Fram' (Forwards)
After that I made my way up the hill to the King's palace, which was in scaffolding because of works to the roof. No nice photos of course, but I tried my best. After a spot of lunch I made my way to the harbour because I wanted to visit a museum on the other side of the harbour (I needed to take a ferry to get there or go the very very very long way round). I wasn't quite sure what museum it was going to be: I only had the choice between 6! It was either Viking ships, Norwegian houses from all over, a church, crossing the Pacific, the Norwegian Maritime Museum or the Fram Museum. I picked the last one in the end. 

Five Norwegians made it to the South Pole first
The Fram museum is a museum dedicated to a ship. It made three notable voyages in its 'working' life: the more or less forgot the first two, but the third was a real blow to the British: it was the ship that took Roald Amundsen and his crew to Antarctica, making it possible for them to beat Scott and his crew by a whole month in being the first to reach the South Pole.

Now of course you are all wondering about all those naked people now, never mind about what else I did today: what about them? Well, Oslo is very keen on statues and they are everywhere! There was two naked girls, two naked boys (with a certain part of their anatomy very shiny I must say) and there was a mother with her two children. All in the buff! But, so I wouldn't offend anyone, I show you the one above: of a naked mother and her naked child(!).


  1. Sounds like a busy, but also very interesting day!

  2. Sounds like a good day. I had to laugh when you said a certain part was shiny. I do believe they only got that way from people touching "it"! Thank you for showing the deer.


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