Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Life is a merry-go-round!

It was the first school trip of the year for me. Quite early in the school trip season, but there has to be a first one I guess. As we drove there I was trying to ignore the loud singing of 'we are nearly there, we are nearly there'. What an incredibly annoying song that is! Especially if you still have over half an hour to go!! We did make it in the end though and nobody was hurt. I think, because one of the last pieces of road we drove on was old cobblestones! My, was I glad I still have my own teeth, otherwise I think I would have needed a new pair of dentures!

Anyway. The journey had led us to a small amusement park which looked as if it had scrounged all its rides from funfairs and the children all loved it. Besides that they could eat all the french fries they wanted, burgers, kroketten and frikandellen. There was ice-cream for free and orange cordial. Candy floss was only €0,20 (about a quarter US dollar), so of course I got one of those (I love candy floss). And I had to go on the merry-go-round. I love them!

I wanted to sit on the rooster, but a child beat me to it and I didn't feel it very appropriate to just kick the child off, so I got on one of the horses. I handed my colleague my camera and he made several photos of me during the ride. Some were of the top of my head, some of my legs, some completely out of focus and some actually were really nice. He blamed it on the fact the horse was going up and down. Yeah, right!

The way back to school was a little quieter, the children were tired. We dropped them off about 400 meters from school where they were not seen and then drove the empty coaches to the school. And then the first school trip of the year was over. Ahh...


  1. Do you mean first trip of the calendar year or the school year? When does the school year start over there?

  2. Cute picture. Sounds like fun. I don't know what Kroketten and frikandellen are or the candy floss!


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