Thursday, 26 April 2012


Wow, how about making it difficult to pick! In the end though, I picked this photo taken of the earth from above, from an airplane. The subject matter is Houston Airport in the USA and I took this photo last year as I was flying home from my two-week stay in Canada.

I remember flying back from Edmonton. The first part of they journey was to Houston and from there I would catch a plane to Amsterdam. The weather was fantastic and I was able to see most of what we passed underneath. I am not sure, but I think we passed the Rockies in almost its entire length! Of course I didn't take any photos then (silly me), but I did when we lifted off again to fly to Amsterdam. Soon after leaving Houston though, the clouds became thicker and I wasn't able to see as much anymore. I did spot Prince Edward Island in the dark though, it was the last landmass I was able to see before we started flying below the clouds again in the Netherlands.

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  1. You still seem to enjoy flying. Good for you.
    Having an adventure!

  2. Wow ! what a shot ! When I take a picture out of an airplane it's always blurr !


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