Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Fed up

Church in Kristianstad, Sweden.
Not the one we went to on Easter Sunday!
I was fed up last night. Fed up of spending time with my family. Not because I got fed up of them, but because I have hardly had a minute to myself for the past week and a half. First that trip to London, then the trip to my sister. But now I am home again. On my own. With my monsters.

The Easter weekend at my sister's was uneventful. On Saturday we went to visit Belleek, but since the factory was closed, the only thing left to do was browse the shop. Don't worry: I did come away with a few nice items. Then on Sunday we started off with an eggy breakfast. Then it was off to church and after church we just spent the afternoon doing not much at all.

On Monday my sister and I went out shopping: some jelly for me (we don't have that in the Netherlands), some cheese for my Mum and some dvd's for me. During the afternoon I rearranged my sister's bookcase. Since I had been sleeping in her 'office' room, I had seen her bookcase in complete disarray. I know she had it more or less alphabetised before and she let me do it again. And if I could fit in some books that had come with my parents: even better. So, I spent my afternoon rearranging books, getting annoyed every time I found another B-book when I was already on G! I got there in the end though, with room to spare.

On Tuesday morning we had to leave very early to get to the ferry in Belfast. After a calm crossing I took the wheel and drove all the way to Newcastle, only stopping in Gretna Green for some lunch. The ferry in Newcastle was already waiting and after quite some wait we were finally allowed on. My cabin was great: a double bed (better than an airbed I can tell you) and seaview. My parents had originally claimed it to be theirs, but I refused! Make a better booking. However, I had upgraded them and they got a lovely cabin with seaview and two sets of bunkbeds, making it easier for both of them to go to bed.

This morning we disembarked around ten and then drove home. My home first of all, to drop me and my stuff off. The monsters certainly were happy to see me again. They will have to take advantage of me while they can however, since I will be leaving again the day after tomorrow!!


  1. Enjoy your one day at home and then the next phase of your travels.

  2. Enjoy these precious hours! How is Wuppie?

  3. Oh, the poor cats, to have you come home, then leave again so soon.
    Glad you had some time with your sister. I'd love to visit Ireland.
    The ferry with cabins sounds like a mini sea cruise.
    Luv, K

  4. You're quite the globe-trotter.

  5. Sounds like a lovely trip. So on the second ferry do you park your car and stay on the ferry in rooms?
    Sounds very interesting to me. Glad you made it home safely and I am sure your monsters are happy to have you home.


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