Tuesday, 3 April 2012


White Cliffs of Dover yesterday
We had some glorious weather today. Absolutely fantastic. I dropped the kids off at Greenwich and then made my way to the coach park. Which wasn't that far away, but it still took me the better part of 45 minutes! London traffic...

After I had parked, I made my way into the center of town to get a bit to eat and perhaps see the Queen. Well, the bite to eat was easy, I never did get to see the Queen though. Just her house. I think it's a bit large for two, but that might just be me. Oh, hold on, I forgot the corgies! Sorry, I take back what I said.

Buckingham Palace
Following Buckingham Palace I made my way back to the bus. I stopped off to get some books first and then went back. I got a chair out (thank you colleague) and sat outside, soaking up the sunshine. Then, when it was time to pick up the children again, I drove there, parked the coach and waited. And waited. And waited. Turned out, the teachers weren't completely sure about where the entrance was. In the end one of the teachers did find me though. In tears! I was reading a sad book and the main character had just passed away (I will write a review soon).

Tomorrow we're off to Cambridge, with two stops on the way: one at the Duxford Imperial Warmuseum (a lot of (American) planes from WWII) and the other at Wimpole Hall, a large estate. So, I leave you and might see you tomorrow.


  1. If you go by Strethem on your way to or around Cambridge, give a toot, because that's where my Dad's family lived -- at least it was when my grampa was born.

  2. Yes I think the Queen needs me. I will Queen #2! Enjoy your time while I linger at your pictures wishing I was with you.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks the palace is a bit drab looking?

  4. So nice to read about your time in London! Have fun, fun, fun, and, er...fun?


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