Thursday, 5 April 2012


I sometimes wonder how they come up with the prompts they come up with, but I looked and looked and even found a quite recent photo that contained a glove. Which is allowed in the 'hand' prompt! Yippee!!

Anyway, I took this photo only two weeks ago in the American Airborne Museum in Sainte Mère Église in Normandy. A lot of those display cases displayed items used for combat and there were a few that contained items used for sports and the like. It certainly doesn't look anything like the gloves we used when playing soft ball in high school!

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  1. This is like a piece frozen in time. Interesting to see that the men found something to be happy about in such a time.

  2. I think that the glove is a great example of hands! Great picture.

  3. I think that glove is of an even older vintage than WWII. The only glove I can see in the inset photos, look bigger.


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