Friday, 6 April 2012

Planes, trains and automobiles

Well, I was home. For a total of about 6 hours that is! I arrived home early in the morning (around 2am) from my trip to London and after quite a short night I left again to go to Northern Ireland to visit my sister for a few days. Not the best idea I ever had: leaving early, but I will get over it. 

My trip to London was good as usual. I know the teachers, the teachers know me and we all know how we operate. Unfortunately we weren't able to just sway the captain of the ferry to let us on an earlier one, so we were quite late this year. It was fun though and I got to see things I hadn't seen before. I even went to a museum: Tate Britain, where I looked at paintings until closing time. 

Mr Turkey seen at Wimpole Hall Home Farm
Gobble gobble
So, I left London on Thursday morning on a coach, we then took a ferry, drove some more on a coach and the last bit home I did by car. This morning I took a bus, then a train, then a plane and I was picked up by my sister in her car. Oh, and I cycled home last night, so basically all modes of transport are covered. 

I will be spending Easter at my sister's, together with my parents who will be arriving later tonight by car. I will be returning with them and I will actually be home for two whole days before setting off to Norway again. I have a busy life at times...


  1. You are certainly on the go.

  2. Glad you had a nice visit in London. I didn't get over to the Tate Britain but I wanted to. (next time) Definitely a lot of different transportations used by you the last few days. Have a wonderful Easter.


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