Saturday, 7 April 2012

Clotworthy Dobbin

As I am sipping my Clotworthy Dobbin (which is a beer of some sort), I thought I would tell you all about my day. Well, to start off, I went to bed early last night: I was absolutely beat. Travelling after a short night after several not very long nights is not the best for me. But I woke this morning quite refreshed, even when you consider I slept on an airbed!! The shower I took later was great as well, even though my sister did discover that as a result of my shower, water was coming through the ceiling.

During the afternoon we (my parents, my sister and I) headed towards Belleek, a small village on the Northern Irish/Irish border. We actually were in Ireland for about 500 meters as well. Unfortunately the Belleek pottery didn't have any guided tours today due to the fact that the factory itself was closed for the weekend. They did however have a great shop, where we browsed for about 45 minutes, even though it wasn't that big. I ended up buying one teapot for one with a Christmas motive and a lovely little vase. Oh, and a housewarming present for my sister that she picked herself.

After we had made our way back to where my sister lives, we went shoeshopping. Which apparently is something my parents do when they visit my sister. Small pleasures and that. I found a lovely pair of shoes that fit perfectly as well, but I will not wear patent leather shoes with socks, so I didn't buy them. Then afterwards we went to the supermarket where we bought pizzas, drinks and other stuff to help us through the weekend. And tonight we are just all sitting down, reading, zapping channels or surfing.

Tomorrow we will be going to church, which will be something different for me, since I only go to church for funerals nowadays it seems. Then on Monday we will probably be hanging shelves and curtains and stuff. And then on Tuesday morning we will be leaving very early to catch the ferry to Scotland and then home. I will keep you posted!


  1. Safe journeyings -- and a blessed Easter

  2. Lucky you being in Ireland ! I am still in Amsterdam but today we escape home !
    I also go to church only for weddings and more funerals !

  3. So what actually happened when you showered? Something not covered let the water run out? Haven't heard of that beer, sounds interesting. I love Belleck item. I am sure you saw some beautiful things. Sounds like a perfect weekend with your family!


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