Thursday, 19 April 2012


This week's prompt is quite fitting: after all it is spring. And spring it is over here in Norway. I am staying on the top (or near the top anyway) of Lifjell (in the Telemark province) which rises to little under 1300 meters. And there is snow here. It snowed when I arrived, it snowed when I took this photo last Monday. Two kilometers down the mountain and the snow is hardly there anymore though and another two means you will only see it on top of the mountain!

There is still snow on the roofs of the cabins, but during the day it will melt off and you see drips from all the roofs. During the night though, snow falls again and adds to what has just melted away! As I am typing this on Monday I can only tell you a lot more is still expected to fall especially from Wednesday onwards. Rain in the valleys, snow on the tops. You've got to love Norway!

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  1. Now I have finished with all your posts and am freezing ! It's definitively not a country to visit for me ! Even Oslo doesn't look appealing and I have seen so many pictures on Norvegian blogs. But everybody has its own tastes !
    Enjoy your snow ! Brrr. I was in Amsterdam during Easter and we had sunshine and quiet nice weather although a little cool (10°) Easter Monday it rained cats and dogs when we got home to Waterloo !

  2. Makes me laugh, you in Norway and Gattina in Amsterdam.
    Wishing you well, Mara, whatever you decide to do.
    Luv, K, D and L

  3. Well I know that in the states it was a very mild Winter and many areas have now had snow in Spring.
    When we go to Mammoth Lakes, CA in August we have had snow in the mountains! Hope the snow isn't ruining your trip.

  4. So ... when you move to Norway, I expect that you will stay on a mountaintop?

  5. We did not nearly get enough snow this winter! Our spring came early, and they say the warm weather means we are going to have a lot of bug problems this summer. Yuck!


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