Thursday, 3 May 2012


It took a while to find a photo I was happy with. I seem to have quite a few photos with tools on them, but most of them only show part of it or are not so easy to spot. And then I found this one.

Now, whenever you are in a strange country, where they speak a different language, it can actually happen that things that are perfectly normal in the host language are really funny in Dutch. Or English. But neither me nor my colleague expected to see this sign in a cooking shop, since pronounced in Dutch it's something incredibly rude. It is however not rude whatsoever, it is a tool that is used in the kitchen and can be used several times I think. Otherwise it was quite expensive and you would be better off using a bit of string!

So, what is it? Literally translated it's a meat cord. Or a tie-rib for meat. If you really want to keep those turkey legs together: use this! Now, if you really do want to know what is so incredibly rude in Dutch: just send me an e-mail, but be prepared for rudeness! And don't you go saying I didn't tell you so!!

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  1. Foreign languages are full of surprises.

  2. Oh LOL, who knew? Well, if you had a really long kødsnor, you could do something creative with those tie-ribs too perhaps. Gosh, you're very well-behaved. I would have put the translation in my post.
    Still giggling...

  3. Oh, my, that's intriguing! I can make quite a few guesses...

  4. Usually Dutch and German are very similar. When we moved to Brussels my mother had a Flemish cleaning woman who asked her "Madame hebt U gebellt ?"
    (sorry about the orthograph) anyway my mother was very surprised that she had barked ! Lol ! There also was big add for hearing aids in Brussels, which said "Tegen doofheid" but doof means really stupid in German ! We thought it was wonderful that there was something against stupidity !

  5. String works just fine. I wonder if "string" means anything rude in some other language.

  6. Well I will just have to send you that email. Inquiring minds want to know!


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