Wednesday, 16 May 2012


I wonder how busy he/she gets?
I worked last week. And despite the extra unexpected day off, I still worked the rest. Not short days either: I was away for most of the day, would come home, hop into bed, get out again and go to work again. Tiring!

And then there were the Army Days. Three days I was there. The first with high school students, the other two just driving up and down from parking lot to military base. It was busy. There were too many cyclists on the road (it was only a small country lane), there were literally too many bumps in the road (they looooooved speed bumps in that village). Fortunately there were enough buses so people never really had to wait for more than a minute or so. The weather more or less held out as well, which was good.

When my colleague and I drove home on Sunday night we stopped for some dinner along the way. I shouldn't have bothered: it all came out again on the way home. Needless to say Monday was spent recuperating a little. Yesterday was a fairly easy day and today will also be an easy day: I have to work later this afternoon. Since I know where I am going, it shouldn't be too hard.

I don't mind when it's busy, I really don't. It just takes up so much of my free time!


  1. Talk about cyclists ! Next time I go to Amsterdam I do my testament before ! they are everywhere even on the sidewalk ! A nightmare.
    Indeed your week was quiet busy !

  2. Work kind of gets in the way sometimes.


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