Friday, 18 May 2012


The Cliffs of Moher
I treasure my photos. I have albums of my trips abroad alone or with my sister, I have digital albums of my work trips abroad and ever since I had a fight with my computer and lost (note: don't hit a laptop, he doesn't like it much), I have learned the art of back-up. Because in that famous fight I lost several hundred photos I had taken in Ireland, Italy and smaller trips at home.

Today as I was sifting through my photo negatives (I am scanning them all in again), I found a cd-rom. Since I didn't know what was on it, I stuck it in my computer and a couple of seconds later I watched completely dumbfounded at what came up: Ireland photos, London photos and much much more! I haven't got everything back, but my Irish treasure is back!


  1. I've been fighting with our laptop and desk top for two days since Google decided to make some changes ...again ...and again! Ugh!
    Glad you didn't lose everything. I've been sitting on the edge of that thought all the while I've been trying to fix things.

  2. Now that is great news! I know I have said this before but I send all my photos to Kodak so if my computer dies I have them in another location. Kodak is actually moving to Shutterfly so my photos will be transfered to them in July.

  3. What a nice thing to have happen. Nice photo too.


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