Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Oh mother!

It's me with the same haircut as my mum
I look like my mother. Several years ago when I had my hair cut short, I told the hairdresser to cut it in a way that would suit me. Which he did. I went home and my mum had to do a double take: she thought she was walking up to the door, when in fact she was standing in the kitchen! Needless to say, the hair was grown long again!
I sound like my mother. Several years ago I listened to my voice on the answering machine and heard my mother. When I am at my parents and I answer the phone (with my own name I hasten to add), I am invariably confused with my mother.

You know when you're young and everything your mother says is true? And then it changes to 'I know better and you know nothing'? And then it changes again, this time to: my mother actually makes sense! Which is the worst, because then you start saying the things your mother always said and you always hated. You know what I mean!

I used to hate it when my mother (and father for that matter) would watch a show on television and suddenly proclaim: 'Oh, how he/she has gotten old!' I do that now!

I used to hate it when my mother (especially her) used to tell me to take my coat off indoors, otherwise it wouldn't be any use anymore outside. I do that now!

Oh mother!!


  1. I remember when I started to act like my mother. Now I look in the mirror and see my grandmother.
    It happens to most of us. Well, I guess most men don't come to look like their mothers.
    I use words my mother used to use, and expressions (verbal and facial) and I'm sure some day I'll stop swearing and begin to sound like my grandmother.

  2. This is timely as it will be Mothers Day this Sunday.

  3. So true and we do become our mothers!

  4. I refuse to become (like) my mother. Shoot me if I do. Please.


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