Sunday, 7 June 2009


I'm a bit worried today. I've know for weeks now I'm supposed to be going to London next week, have known it ever since I got the A+ phonecall in April. For some reason though, I thought I was due to be leaving on the 8th of June which is tomorrow. And the worksheet I got a few weeks ago, also stated the leaving date as the 8th. And then, last week, I saw I had to do a schoolrun on the 8th. I became really angry immediately, because someone had requested me, I had been promised and now I was taken off the trip. However, the next day I saw the trip was due to leave on the 9th!

Of course if the company makes a mistake, it can not be called my fault, but it has me worrying nonetheless.

Update 15.13: I just had a look at my papers and it seems as if the trip has moved one day! So, I've stopped worrying now...

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