Thursday, 4 June 2009



Well, I've voted for the European Parliament! I didn't think I would. Not because I don't feel it necessary, but because of work. However, my first job of the day was cancelled and I'm now home, drinking tea. It feels weird though to be voting on a Thursday, in the Netherlands we usually vote on Wednesday! The rest of Europe votes on Sunday, but that is never going to happen in the Netherlands. Religious concerns and so forth... So today the Netherlands (and the UK for that matter) goes to vote!

Colouring in red

The weirdest thing though was having to vote using a red pencil! I've never done that before I think. I've always been able to use the voting machines, but apparently they aren't trustworthy enough. So, I used a lovely big red pencil to colour in one of the little circles, folded the ballot paper again and put it in the ballot box!

The ballot box

I'm not sure about the EU though. On the one hand unification between nations is a good thing. Having the same driving laws all over the continent is good, even though the laws seems to have been written by a Latvian gal and a Spanish guy with no understanding between them and no knowledge of either the lorry or the bus business! On the other hand, rules and regulations of a certain country are sometimes snowed under by Brussels (as we call the EU usually), causing friction to the inhabitants of a certain country. So, mixed feelings...


  1. We use pencils too, just plain lead as befits us plain Canadians.

  2. good for you for voting!
    more people voted for american idol than for our president, isnt that silly?

  3. In Northern Ireland we used the pen, and we had to number the applicants. So 1 for the one you would like best, 2 for the next, 3 for the one after that, and so forth. Weird people, those people from Northern Ireland.


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