Friday, 26 June 2009

Me and my boss

Arriving at the garage yesterday afternoon (around midday), I found the whole lot empty of coaches. Not even around the corner was there a coach to be seen. I immediately phoned my colleague who had been in charge of exchanging coaches and buses that day. But he told me that the coach I needed hadn't been finished with yet and he therefore hadn't brought it back. I then phoned my boss. Here is more or less the conversation as it passed:

Me: There's no coach here!
He: I know, it wasn't finished this morning.
Me: So I'm off now? Couldn't I have been informed?
He: Well, it was changed late yesterday afternoon and you might have slipped through the cracks. Sorry for that.
Me: So, I can go home now?
He: Yes, sorry.
Me: Good, no military band then for me today.
He: Why not, you have to start at two.
He: Oh...
He: ...
He: ...
He: You can't come here for it?
Me: That would take too long, I will never be at the base on time!
He: I'm getting on the coach right now and we will exchange somewhere in the middle!
Me: In other words: I have to work this afternoon anyway!

In the end we exchanged some twenty km from the base, I made it on time and the airconditioning gave up!

What a day...

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  1. Don't you just love them? Hey, at least you have a job - and one that you love, I think!

    Funny story. LOL!


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