Friday 5 June 2009

Shakin' Mara

I sat down in my coach at 07.30 this morning. I got out again at 20.15 this evening! In the mean time I got out only three times, twice to help children get on board, once to get myself a sandwich. I didn't drive the whole time (not allowed for a start), but especially this afternoon it did seem like it. At midday I had to take some children home from a museum (116 km). As soon as they were off the coach, I had to drive another 116 km to pick up some soldiers. Then I had to drive 110 km to their base! I felt like a yo-yo! After that trip I had to take my rest and was hoping for some dinner.

Alas, it wasn't to be, I had to settle for a hot chocolate and decaf coffee. After my hour's rest, I drove home. I did stop on the way though, just to get something to eat, since I was quite hungry ànd there was way too much traffic anyway. Driving home after my lovely sandwich was a lot easier.

Getting back to base I got up and felt my legs just shaking. I decided the coach was clean enough for now (I'll probably go back on Sunday to do the rest), fuelled it up and washed the outside and parked it. And then I cycled home!


  1. Hopefully, you're having a good sleep right now.

  2. Good grief! You drove all those hours, then had to wash the coach and cycle home?

    You are superwoman!!


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