Monday, 29 June 2009


Well, the new computer is working (finally), albeit slow. Most of the laundry is done, though the laundry basket is again filling up quite nicely. The ironing is nearly done, only a few shirts left to do. I still have the coach to clean/finish, my suitcase to pack and my Irish information to grab. Because tomorrow I will be off to Ireland.

I am not really looking forward to it. Another ten days away from home and this time I will be driver/guide/doctor/nurse/mechanic/psyciatrist/counsellor all in one! Further more, there will only be about twenty people on the coach. That's not enough. The perfect number is about 30-35. That way, there is enough room to change seats and not get into arguments, but there's also enough people to hook up with. With twenty people you usually get little groups that stay little groups. It never becomes a cohesive group.

I'm also looking forward to it. After all, all the photos I have are the ones other people gave me and I would love for some I made myself again (NEVER hit your computer: you WILL loose!). And Ireland is always beautiful. It's a country full of colour. Unlike Germany where you will find green as the main colour. Extremely boring after a while. But Ireland: it's just bursting with colour. Nature gives you red (fuchsia), orange (mombresia, not yet blooming), yellow (gorse), purple (rhodondendron, not blooming anymore). And the Irish themselves give you every colour under the sun. Beautifying commitees (yes they exist!) seem to have found no place in a country that can put bright orange and bright turquoise next door to each other. And for fun they will put a poisonous green coloured house on either side!

However, there is one other thing I am really looking forward to: meeting my sister for the first time in several months. She's living in Northern Ireland and will come down to Dublin for one evening. Completely serving her own needs of course: she needs to offload something, but that doesn't matter, I've got enough room on the coach!


  1. I have some Irish ancestry and would love to be able to visit that place.

  2. green here in colorado is mixed with a lot of yellow, i would love to have green like you have in germany, it is so dry here. i wish i could go along on all your adventures with you! what fun that would be! be careful and have fun!


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