Saturday, 27 June 2009


While I was out shopping yesterday, my phone rang. It was one of my colleagues. But, since it was a day off, I wasn't in the mood and didn't answer. He phoned a further 13 times yesterday! This morning he phoned once more and again I didn't pick up my phone. I've turned the setting to silent, so now I don't even hear it anymore! Whenever I try to reach him on his day off, I can't and now he wants to bother me on my day off? I'm not having it!!!

I know the reason he calls. Probably something else to do with work. The planning isn't doing a proper job, the hours aren't paid properly, blablablabla... He has a point, he is mostly right and I have to admit, he does a great job for us as well. But the way he goes about it is driving me up the wall. He is right, they are wrong (they=company) and that's the end of it. He sounds like a petulant child at times and it gets annoying fast.

So, I don't pick up my phone this weekend. I've got four days of freedom in which I will not answer my work phone. Bliss...

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  1. We often don't answer the phone. Call Display comes in very handy.


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