Monday, 8 June 2009

Safety in numbers

Since I felt like a shivering wreck on Friday, I hadn't cleaned my coach yet. Then Saturday was another long day and I didn't feel like cleaning it. And then yesterday it was raining and that definitely didn't entice me to go out to clean my coach. But it still needed to be done and there are no elves in this neck of the woods doing it in the middle of the night for me. More's the pity!

So, this morning I made sure I went to work an hour early. So I could clean my coach. As soon as I had cleaned it (vacuuming, cleaning the windows, changing the coffee water and the toilet water (and no, they are not from the same tank!)), I started driving to pick up the first group. Fourteen schoolchildren later, I was off to my second job of the day. I thought it was a misprint: 4, but it turned out to be correct and yet not. There were only three on board! And then this afternoon another massive amount of people clambering all over themselves to get on my coach: six the first trip, one the second.

Well, 'all' those people at least managed to keep my coach more or less clean. So, when I got back tonight, I didn't have to do much. Tomorrow the coach will not remain clean for long anyway, because high school children definitely do know how to wreck your coach within ten minutes. And since I will be on the road with them for the next four days...


  1. so your coach is considered your vehicle is that correct?
    my car is in need for a good cleaning also

  2. A coach is the British word for tourbus. I use both, although coach tends to get used a bit more often.


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