Friday, 8 February 2013

Another week gone by

Taken during my walk a few weeks ago
It's been a bit quiet from me the last few days. Mainly because nothing seems to be happening. Yes, I am working. Yes, I went to play badminton (pulled a muscle in my leg, still won though). Yes, my bedroom is still a balmy 5 degrees, I am getting used to it though. 

There are a few things coming up though. When I got my contract to work for Tide Buss, it stated that I have a six month probation period. Which in my eyes seems a long time, but what do I know? Anyway, on Wednesday I will have a evaluation of the first few months. How do I like it, how I fit in, how I work, how I whatever. An evaluation. 

Then on Saturday something very exciting. I will go to view a little place. I still have to work out the details of how to actually get there, but that will sort itself. The little place is a small house with two bedrooms close to but not in Haugesund. In other words: if I get it, I will need a car to get to work. Even if the house is only 20 meters from the busstop! But, since it is quite cheap (same rent as here, electricity and tv/internet NOT included) there are plenty of others who want it too! Ah well, I will just try and hope and cross everything I have to cross!

There's a lot of this around right now
Very beautiful!
Oh, I nearly forgot. Yesterday I was off and did a little more sightseeing. I took my camera along, but in the end all I photographed was the piece of cake I had. I did take a bus to another shopping center though and there I found a true treasure trove. Most importantly a shop where they sell really nice clothes for the 'curvy ladies'! I think I might have to go there sometime soon, just to get something pretty to wear as opposed to the stuff I have been wearing lately. Not to say that that stuff is ugly or something, but it's not too pretty either. Plus I found a bookshop where they actually had an English book I wanted. Plus some really great kitchen stores. Heaven! I think I may have found my new favourite shopping center!

I will be signing off now. Tomorrow morning I have to work again bright and early, so better get some shut-eye!


  1. You sound very positive. I am positive of that.

  2. Good luck with the home :)
    Sounds like you did find the perfect shopping area. Love the frozen water photo.


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