Saturday, 29 May 2021

Brom goes to town


This is the third and last bit of our walk on day three. We first saw a lot of water. Then we saw land as in a nature reserve and the third bit we got to see was the town of Zierikzee. And a lovely little town it was as well.

One thing I had spotted from a long way away was a tower. Mara doesn't think those are proper church towers for some reason, but I quite liked it. It was quite funny though, as it wasn't connected to the church at all. Mara checked and it never was, although it was built right next to one. But the name of the tower we both liked very much: it is called the Fat Tower! Although the official name is St Lievensmonster Tower. It is big now, but it was supposed to be even bigger (about twice as high), but the money ran out.

The front of the New Church
The church that is now adjacent to the Fat Tower is called the New Church and replaced the burnt down St Lievensmonster Church. It was big. If I had only seen those two parts of Zierikzee, I would have thought they don't like small buildings there!

In the garden near the church and the tower there was a large piece of art which I really liked. I think it looked like Grover's hands, but Mara said Grover only had two hands, not three. Of course I know that, I am a bear after all.

On we walked and the centre was lovely. A lot of smaller houses in which people still live. The streets were quite quiet, because there weren't that many tourists. In summer there would usually be a lot of German and Belgian tourists. Now there were mostly Dutch and not that many.

A seaweed burger with vegetable crisps on the side.
Quite good actually.
When we got to the shops, Mara decided she wanted a small souvenir. She bought a lovely oyster shell that was painted on the inside. We could have picked up some of the oyster shells we had seen and given it a go ourselves! But there was no time to go back as lunch was on the menu first and then we would have to return home.

On our return to the car we saw a large mill. It was a corn mill and had been there since 1727! That was a bit older than me and Mara said it was older than her as well. It was called the Hare, but we didn't see any hares near it. 

The mill was also next to the old harbour which meant there were a fair few old fishing cottages. Mara said those houses were where the poor fishermen lived once upon a time and the rich people would build nice large houses away from the dirty harbour.

That little cottage with the shutters would have housed a family.
It's not even big enough for me and I am a small bear!!
I would have loved to see a bit more of Zierikzee, but we had to go back home to our cottage, because Mara needed to get cleaned up for our second visit to Eurovision. Which was a good idea, because she did smell a bit. 

PS: I think Mara changed a setting on her camera, because all the photos look a bit blue. I really have to check everything don't I?


  1. Such a nice variety of photos, Brom, blue or not.

  2. What a lovely place to visit. Thanks for taking us along.

  3. Hari OM
    I am glad you mentioned settings at the end - mostly that first one I thought - is that tower blue???

    Brom, this was a delightful place to visit, I can just tell from how you describe it and through Mara's lens (regardless of settings). I am so glad you got make this outing together! Hugs and growlies, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. I didn't know something had gone wrong as I didn't notice until after I had gotten home. I realised today I had turned the control too far: hence blue!

  4. Well, that Mara has the most interesting trips for you, Brom. The Fat Tower is a really different name for a tower. Made me smile. Klem

    1. It is of course not the official name, but nobody cares about official names. Fat Tower sounds much better I think.

  5. That tower looks rather plain. I love those garden hands. That street looks so quaint and I love the trees. I'm getting hungry looking at the seaweed burger. Was it good? Love all the photos.


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