Sunday, 29 March 2020

What to do? Part 7

Well, one more day and the list is done. Only ten more ideas and tips for you to do, although when I first counted the list, there should by now have been 11 to go. Wonder what happened to that one? Anyway...

62. Delete all the apps you don't use and discover some new ones.
I don't have any apps I don't use. There is one I have to start using again, but as long as we're supposed to stay inside, that is not possible. I only have two games on it as well, and even though I am tempted, I think two are enough. They take up too much time already.

63. Hold a family or street singalong.
This sounds great. In theory. Starting with family: my dad is a chorister and has a great voice. Loud as well. My mum can sing, but for the life of her, can't hold a tune. And I am somewhere in between. Not great for a family event. As for the street event? I don't know anybody in the street. I can place about six people to their respective houses, but don't ask me names or something. And yes, I do realise that it would get us 'closer', but it wouldn't. I think. 

64. Try some science experiments.
Yeeeesss. Science. Did I ever tell you about the day I was allowed home early from school. Something to do with me measuring bleach in chemistry class and it not going quite right. We had to suck it up in those pipet type things and then put a thumb on it when it was at the level needed. I forgot the thumb bit and the bleach went into my mouth/throat. I have never seen both the teacher and the science aide move so fast! So, I think I will steer clear of science experiments.

65. Deliver supplies to those in need.
This is a tricky one. Really tricky. I don't know anybody in need, as most have already got other avenues of getting their supplies in place. Tricky.

66. Rediscover a dusty appliance, instrument or board game.
I was just saying to my mum this morning about the ice cream maker she has. Might get that one out and try some different flavours. We have no instruments in the house at all and as for board games: unless they are question-based like Trivial Pursuit, I am not into those. Oh, and our TP set is still asking questions about the Soviet Union!

I could retrain as a snake handler...
67. Research training opportunities for when the world reopens.
The minute the world reopens, I am hoping to start the new job as well. I cannot wait. 

68. Build something amazing with Lego (you know you want to).
Ehm. No. I leave that to my sister who just loves it. I tried to build a small thing once when I stayed at her place and it's okay. Nothing more really.

69. Brainstorm marketing ideas for your business, club or charity.
I am not planning on starting a business, club or charity and as I am not a member of a club or have a set charity I support, this might be a bit much to do.

70. Write to your MP about an issue.
Not sure what I would write to my MP about, even if I had one. The Netherlands has a slightly different way of voting for its government. 

Cotton candy is what makes me happy.
71. Create a list of 'Things to be Happy about' and add to it each day.
This sounds suspiciously like the gratitude journal. Which I have in a different form. 

72. (found it, I seemed to have skipped it last time around): Organise a virtual support group.
For what though? For those affected by this Corona virus? Or something completely unrelated? Like 'I knit too much and keep having holes in my fingers'. It might catch on...


  1. Mara you for sure could make it your new career to do all of just to find a way to get paid. Since we aren't going anywhere to get photos...your Chemistry story reminded me an incident the first day I started working in the Chemistry depart. at ncsu

    Hugs Cecilia

  2. Hari OM
    Crikey, - acid and mouths??? At school????? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?????

    Thanks for sharing all these listicles with us. There were definitely a few interesting 'triggers' in there! YAM xx

    1. Not sure. I wasn't that bothered by the incident fortunately, mentally or physically.

  3. You sure know how to keep busy! Wow!

  4. I think the support could maybe be for those that are over-crafting during this crazy time. That is a good reason for not trying a science experiment.

  5. Those were quite the variety of ideas. As a matter of fact I removed apps earlier this week. Added 3 new ones today as I am working to get the new robot vacuum and my phone working together. I am stuck getting the three linked so I can the Robbie robot what to do using google home. Stay healthy, Janice

    1. Well, Robbie certainly had me smiling. I don't have that many apps to begin with as I have a fairly old phone that runs down too fast with too much stuff on it.


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