Tuesday 21 February 2017


After spending the morning in my pj's, I decided this afternoon I was going to be a bit more productive with my time. So, I cleared three more levels in Candy Crush and then started sorting photos. Like the proper ones! I found lots and lots of the five monsters that came before Miss Oswin, but since they are all scanned in, I decided to throw them away. I still have the negatives, which take up a bit less room!

Then I found lots of photos of yours truly. On the dance floor, holding babies, looking into the distance, listening attentively and of me holding a large stuffed gnome. Don't ask, I have no answer! And then, in order to actually post something sensible (ahem), I thought I would show you some of them today and they will probably pop up over the next few days as well. Just so you know...

Of course the first one is quite clearly me. It's taken in my maternal grandmother's bathroom. She did not have a shower when I grew up, but she did have one of those super large granite sinks. The seond one is also taken at my maternal grandmother's, but about a bit later. Note the yellow tupperware cup!

The third photo is my official 1986(?) school photo. I knitted that sweater myself. And then the next to last photo is of me looking through some serious equipment. It was on a bird watching tour and at that moment we were looking at (according to the text on the back of the photo) the red breasted goose.

The last one of course must be the gnome. I remember vaguely when and where it was taken (around 1989 in the textile museum in Enschede, the Netherlands), but other than that: nothing!


  1. Mara what an adorable babe grown into a lovely young woman...your blue eyes are beautiful.
    Hugs madi and mom

  2. WOW you grew up... right in front of us.

  3. Hari om
    ...and the gnome is enjoying himself... 😉 YAM xx

  4. OMD! You posted your nekkid photos on the Internet!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. I thought that if Miss Oswin can, so can I! Besides, I don't look quite like that anymore!!

  5. Google will censure your nude picture ! They did it with the Manneken Pis statue, so pay attention, lol! Isn't it nice to see how we have been ??

  6. Great to look back and relive the memories.


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