Sunday 10 May 2015

Photo on Sunday 2015-16

During my recent short holiday in the Netherlands, I spent one day visiting with old colleagues. Which was great fun of course! But I had left a bit earlier, so I could take photos of the tulips and blooming apple trees. And then I came across this. A blue and white pole with a red/orange plane on top.

I have posted something similar several years ago, but with ships on top. Here's the link. And basically it's the same as with the ships, except with planes. Now, I saw two of those plane poles, but there are several more. Because during WWII several planes didn't make it back for whatever reason and 'landed' in the NOP in the Netherlands. And since that area had only just become sea-free (1942), they were easily visible. 


  1. Hari OM
    what a great way to mark memory! I love this idea.

    Hope your Sunday is brighter than ours here. Just when we think it might be heading to summer at last - we get another wintry blast! Trust Miss O was happy to see you back..... YAM xx

  2. That looks rather strange ! I am back to the cold, what a difference ! Instead of living outside the whole day I am locked in again !

  3. Very interesting. I like that they honored them like this.

  4. What a bit of history! thanks so for sharing. It is so easy to forget the effects of the war on Europe.


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