Thursday, 21 July 2011


View of the Baltic Sea at 5.25am
I started work last night at 8.45pm and finished this morning at 9am. In that time I picked up a lot of scouts, I drove through Germany, saw a lot of 'Baustellen' (roadworks), took a ferry, met up with colleagues and finally dropped the scouts off again.

It's the World Jamboree next month in Sweden and the Dutch contingent have decided that the jamboree wasn't long enough and have added a week in Denmark. Which is fine by me, since I haven't been to the part of Denmark we're in now. We're going to Kopenhagen, we will be visiting a medieval museum and we go to some cliffs. They will also do some geo-caching and something with water somewhere.

A non-pooping seagull flying overhead
This morning however we arrived an hour early which was good and after we had parked our coaches and had taken the luggage to our rooms, a colleague and I went in search of a bank to change our Euros into Danish Kroner, since they didn't join the Euro zone back in whenever. The first bank we got to opened at 10. It was 9.30! So we went to the next one. Which also opened at 10. After having seen a lot of banks which all opened at 10, we took out some money of our own and went back to the Konditorei to enjoy some Danish pastry and a cup of tea. When we finally went to the bank, we went to the only one that opened at: yes, you guessed it: 9.30!!

Right now it's time for bed though. It's nearly midday and I need to get some zzzzz's in before dinner tonight. So, I will say goodnight. Or goodday as the case may be...


  1. I hope you managed to get some sleep. I would find that very difficult.

  2. Sounds very exciting. The Sea looks beautiful. Hope you have a nice time.

  3. Well done, Denmark, for not joining the Euro - good at the moment, anyway:-)

  4. If I understand well you are amongst the Wikings now ! I wonder why you want to imigrate if your travel through Europe all the time, lol!
    My grandma said : Warum in die Ferne schweifen wenn das Gute liegt so nah.

    Which means why go far away if you have everything near.
    BTW I take the Eurostar tomorrow evening and will be in Eastbourne for a good week and then in Oxford where I hope to meet Janice, who just commented above, lol ! I think everybody should have the € it's far more easier to compare prices in different countries. Imagine I had to ORDER pounds, as if I would go to the end of the world.

  5. Sounds like you're really having an adventure, Mara, but I think the most exciting thing (besides having a nap, which is always wonderful) is finding a non-pooping seagull. If you had caught it, you could have it cloned, make your fortune, and move to Canada without worrying about a job.

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  6. have nice dreams


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