Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The White Cliffs of Mon?

Mon should be written with a diagonal line through its o, but since I can't be bothered to find it on my computer you will have to do without. Anyhoo...

Today we had a lovely sunny day and we dropped off 1,000 scouts at the geocenter on Mon (with the line). While we were waiting for them to do their things we were parked about 3 miles further at a great looking farm. But I wanted to see the cliffs and so did some of the others, so we got on the coach and headed towards the center. After parking me and my colleague needed to decide from what angle to watch the cliffs: from the bottom or the top.

In the end we decided on the top: that way we were going up first and down later instead of the other way around. It was a big climb and since I have the condition of a hibernating sloth, I was panting my way up! I did make it though, because I didn't want to miss out on the view. It didn't disappoint: it was gorgeous! I took lots of photos, my colleague took a few of me and we treated ourselves to an icecream when we got back down again.

Tonight we dined with all the colleagues that are here now: 27, plus the wife of the coordinator. We had a nice dinner, good company and we found out what is going to happen tomorrow. I have to leave in the first group at 8.30am, completely loaded to the rafters with camping gear, luggage and of course scouts. We hope to arrive in Sweden a few hours later (it's not that far from here) and make it through check-in at a reasonable pace. Yesterday it apparently took over 3 hours for one coach to get checked in and shown to their site. Tomorrow there will probably be hundreds of buses arriving! The horror.

I will be off to bed now, but I have included a few photos I took today (or were taken of me today). By the way, the photo I showed yesterday was taken in Copenhagen which has a big elephant herd roaming the city in aid of the Asian elephant. How could I resist?


  1. You're looking great. Your hair is getting long again. It probably grows fast, like mine.
    I had no idea there were white cliffs anywhere but Dover. Who knew? Beautiful view you had there. We think we should do Scandinavia some day, so we'll ask you for advice.
    Glad you had a good time.
    Luv, K

  2. Finally -- a Viking sighting!!

  3. Hey! No rain! Yay!

  4. Those cliffs are beautiful. Seeing some new things sounds like a fun perk of your job!

  5. was there really Elephants out and about?
    Im not sure what you mean about Mon, might you mean Monday?
    If so, we would write it shorter like this Mon.

  6. Oh someone tell Kay about the white cliffs at Flamborough Head! If the sun shines, you have to wear sunglasses at the beach

  7. The White Cliffs of Mon (with a line through it) is breathtaking. So glad you had a nice day.


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