Friday, 1 July 2011


She phoned the main shop in the center of town to ask for my details. And then she was told: wash her hair with care and don't brush too hard. They really know me! Even if the last time I was there was over a year ago and I now go to the small shop half a kilometer away from me.

Because it was time to get my hair cut again, I decided a more grown up do was in order. I had been dithering and dathering about it for a while now, but I could only wear my hair in a plait on a daily basis and if it hung loose, I looked like a hippie. Minus the flowers in my hair and the bell-bottoms that is!

I felt a bit like a chicken, ready to go in the oven!
So, I went to the hairdresser, got my hair washed with care and the girl didn't brush my hair too hard either. And then the scissors: snip snip and my long hair was once more a thing of the past. Then both the girls were trying to figure out which colour would be best for me. Since I wanted to get rid of the old-blonde that was creeping in at an alarming rate. I know I am forty now, but really, that is no reason to go old-blonde at speed!

And now I sit here, with my hair loose, two shades lighter and fairly short. I like it!


  1. Shorter hair for the summer is probably a good thing although I see that short if a relative term. Enjoy.

  2. I like it! Its not that short.... I thinkit's medium long!
    I'm letting my hair grow long again... (I'm trying...)

  3. I like it too. And you can still pull it up in a pony when it's hot.

  4. Pretty color, and you look great, but I agree with AC, short is relative. Like Monique, I would call it medium-long.
    Either way, it's great!

  5. Yeah !! you look great ! A new woman ! I fist thought you would have cut it very short !

  6. You have inspired me to get mine cut!

  7. Very chic. I just got mine cut, but mine is pretty short already. Have to get it trimmed every 5 weeks.

  8. Really like your new hair do, Mara.

  9. Sorry I missed the before your birthday giveaway :(
    Happy 40th Birthday!
    You look beautiful, love the hair color and cut.


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