Friday, 29 July 2011

Random photos

I thought I would include some random photos of things I saw during my week in Denmark. At first I didn't really understand the first photo. Or why it was placed in the toilet (bathroom for you overseaers), but a closer look revealed all. This little box is meant for needles, razor blades and safety pins. Now I can understand the needles (drugs, either prescription or not) and the safety pins, but the razor blades were a bit of a mystery. Unless someone wants to kill themselves inside the toilet and I doubt very much they would then throw the blade in the little box!

The second photo was taken on our way back from Sweden. I had seen this sign for a while already, but it didn't quite dawn on me what it meant. Let me explain. The Dutch name of the capital of Denmark is Kopenhagen and the English name is Copenhagen. However, in Danish it's København. And for some reason I just didn't get the fact that in Sweden they use the Swedish name: Köpenhamn!

Photo number three was taken in Copenhagen (let's just use the English spelling) and is of a thermometer. When you look closely you can also see the weather woman at the top: ready to come out with her bicycle, of which there were plenty around. As you can see it's about 18 degrees Celsius at the moment I took the photo.

And the last photo is of something we could see both on the crossing from Sweden to Denmark and from Denmark to Germany: wind turbines in the sea. There were lots and lots of them! They do like green energy a lot in those countries.


  1. Wind turbines in the sea? Good idea. They take up less land that way.
    I probably would have been confused about the Danish spelling of Copenhagen, too.
    I love the weather woman on the bicycle. Equality for women!
    Enjoyed your photos.

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  2. Yes Kay, having turbines in the sea would take up less land. 8P Sorry -- can't resist.

    I am thinking that we would need more floors to do a thermometer like that in Canada. We need to go above 30 in summer and below -20 in winter.

    BTW, getting back to Vikings, I never thought to tell you that Vikings were the team name for the high school where I taught. Since the school was called Northern Collegiate, I think Northern Vikings was a good choice for the teams.

  3. I wonder if the turbines affect the seas for any hardy sailors out in the North Sea.

  4. Hey, you figured out how to type an o with a line through it! Good for you...fortunately, I don't think I'll ever have to figure that out. ;) I'm thinking those wind turbines in the sea are a great idea. We have a huge wind farm in the country by us, but I've read that some of the people who live by them are annoyed by the whooshing noise and the shadows of the turbines moving. But we don't have a sea in the middle of Illinois. :)

  5. The thermometer is interesting. I like the lady on the bicycle.

  6. I've never seen those wind turbines in the sea before. We have them around California but not in the sea. I see those needles things a lot in the bathrooms at casinos. Very intersting thermometer.


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