Monday, 25 July 2011

The big event!

Today was the day of the big event. We had been awaiting it for some days now and today it finally happened: it stopped raining and the sun came out! Hesitatingly at first but at the end of the day the temperature was a bit more summer-like than the past few days (it was 11 degrees Celsius yesterday). Of course this sun immediately took my mind of the road and I got on the motorway going west. I needed to go east!

Other things happening today were very few. I finished my book, took only three photos and chatted to my colleagues. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be good again and we're going to some cliffs. I am hoping for some nice photos there.


  1. Love the Danish flag jigsaw puzzle elephant, Mara, although I have to wonder why an elephant in Denmark. By enlarging the photo I also got to see some of the buildings nearby.
    I'm glad you finally got sunshine before your clothes turned mouldy. Hope it lasts.
    Had to laugh about you getting onto the road, going the wrong way. Sounds like something Dick would do, with me yelling "No, no, no" because he has no sense of direction. I'm the navigator.
    Take care. Stay dry.
    Luv, K

  2. We've had rainy summers like that, and for awhile I was wondering about this year, but it sure warmed up fast this month.

  3. What would we do if we couldn't complain about the weather? Hot and dry here. Cool and wet there. Enjoy the sunny days while you have them.

  4. Well that is great news about the weather. Love the elephant. I remember years ago when Chicago had decorated cows all over the city.


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