Thursday, 14 July 2011

Conspiracy or stupidity

Why oh why am I having computer trouble again? And this time with Finn! My lovely new giant of a laptop is giving me grief in large amounts. And it's bugging me big time. I don't know what I am doing wrong and there's bound to be something that I did wrong. Or perhaps it's some garden gnome not too happy about the photo I placed of his family not too long ago. Either way, it's hard to be online and stay online what with all the 'can't find the site' nonsense popping up all the time. Talking about my modem not working (it's working fine) or something within the computer itself. Why can't it just be nice and easy and work?

And do you remember the gasmen from last week? Well, apart from being ridiculously young, hitting my electrical cables and scaring my cats, one of them did do something good for me: he told me I needed to refill my hotwater thingy. Which I did with the help of the neighbour and a huge spanner (I think, it might have been something else). But I had forgotten all about the tap. I had closed it. So, when I tried to do my laundry this morning: no cigar! I blame it on my parents. I must have the blonde genes from someone after all...

PS: and now I can't even include the blonde joke! Stupid Finn...


  1. Hi, you poor thing. That's dreadful, all that rotten stuff happening. You could go on strike, but I don't know if it would help.
    Anyway, there are no blondes in my family, and my computer acts up. It is forever telling me I can't comment because my browser's cookies are disabled, but I just go back and try again. It did it to me just now, with your blog, but I tried again and it says "redirecting" and everything works.
    My theory is, we (average people) are not supposed to understand our computers. We're just to be grateful when they work, and hysterical when they don't, and that's our job.
    If this is in any way helpful, I'm glad. Meanwhile, Canada is waiting for you, with just as many computer problems as The Netherlands.
    Love — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. It's new. Can you ask the store or the computer company about it?

  3. You should not be having issues with a new computer. Hope your get it all worked out. Do you need a hug...((HUG))


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