Sunday, 24 July 2011


The path was like this all throughout the museum!!!
It rained almost full stop today and I must say, even I got a bit fed up with all that wetness. According to the weather people, the rain should stop tomorrow or the day after (see how exact they are?) and that is very much wanted by every scout on board. They are nearly always wet and cold now and the only time they are drying out are spent on the bus! Where they sit with muddy boots and shoes, making a mess of it all.

Add to all that mud from the camp ground more mud. This time from the medieval open air museum! Since I don't travel to Denmark on a weekly basis, I had decided I wanted to see it as well and it didn't take long before I was covered in mud as well! I nearly slipped on two occasions, but fortunately I managed to grab hold of some colleague or other. It would have been a right sight if I had fallen flat on my face there!!

Where are the other four?
The medieval museum was quite good fun, despite all the mud and goo and what have you. They had a huge katapult they used and which I missed of course, a lot of different houses where you could go in and touch things and there was a small wooded area with vampyres, werewolfs, goblins, pixies, elves, hell horses, three legged sheep and other weird and dangerous creatures that were out to snatch you. And before you ask: no, there wasn't a viking in the whole museum!


  1. That medieval museum sounds wonderful! Too bad that it was so muddy. We are very swampy here as well -- we just got back from our vacation, and discovered 7 inches of rain had fallen the night before we got home. Some of those inches found their way into our basement! So we've had to do some cleaning...the sun is shining now, and hopefully no more rain is on its way!

  2. Sure glad you didn't fall. You might have hurt yourself. Kids seem to fall down and get up so easily, but adults usually hurt after falling.
    Sorry about the rain. I'm sure it had put a damper on your Scandinavian adventure long before my worried warning about aches and pains.

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  3. Too bad about the lack of Vikings as I presume there are some in my family tree although I understand than my name derives from the Normans.

  4. what fun, rain and medievalness
    what could be better than that?
    we got about 45 min. of rain yesterday, and I laid in bed and watched it thru the sliding glass door, so I could smell it and enjoy it with a heating pad on my face trying to heal.

  5. Don't talk to me about weather people!!!! ;-)

    I'm sure you can outrun a three-legged sheep that's out to get you. Not sure about the hell horses and other scary creatures.

    Your coach must look horrible with all the mud. Good luck cleaning that up.


  6. Sounds like fun except for the rain and mud. Glad you didn't fall.
    What a mess your bus must be!


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