Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Several years ago, the housing corporation decided a big renovation of the area I live in was in order. They were right. Because the rent in this area is the lowest of the whole town, people with a small purse can rent here. The corporation really got stuck in: the houses would be painted: light green, light blue, yellow, white and pink (my house), new kitchens would be installed as the inhabitant at that time required, new bathrooms, new insulation both in the roof, the walls and the floors and to top it all: new windowframes and double glazing. The tore down some houses, the put up new fencing round everyone's back yards and generally made the place look a whole lot better.

This morning three gentlemen got into my home: one carpenter and two gasmen. Because the gasline needs replacing! I had to change my work schedule, my cats are in a right tizzy with Mathilda and Wuppie outside and Sophie and Linette locked in my bedroom and especially the gasmen don't seem to be old enough to be out of school.

They had to drill some holes first of all: one in the kitchen, one in the living room and one in the hallway. But for some reason when they drilled in the living room, the drill gave up. They broke it. They were saying to each other about the crap (sorry) equipment they received to work with, it being the third one they broke and all I could think of was: perhaps it's you! When they got it working again, they hit another snag. Literally, since they touched the electrical cable and now the washing machine and the dryer don't work anymore!

I hope everything will go smoothly from now on, no more hiccups when it comes to the electrics and definitely no hiccups when it comes to the gas, I don't want to be found in a smoldering heap!


  1. It sounds as though they're learning on the job. I hope your electrics are working again now!!

  2. Your floor must be out of iron ! how horrible to have drilling in the house ! I think the problem with bad trained workers is internatiol ! At least in the so said civilized world.

  3. It certainly seems that the city takes good care of its places.

  4. Hmm, that sounds like no fun at all. Hope I don't see anything on the news about an explosion in Emmeloord ;-) Good luck.

  5. I definitely hope you don't end up in a smoldering heap! Then who would comment on my blog? ;)

  6. wow
    wish our town would upgrade the insides of our homes
    i could use some new tile in the bathrooms and hallway and kitchen, think you could send them over?
    our town gives out tickets if theres a weed a certain heighth but they dont care for the areas that belong to the city and the weeds are sky high!
    do as we say, not as we do right?

  7. So did you get a new kitchen at that time? Sounds like a lot of work but definitely nice for the area.


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