Saturday, 9 July 2011

Did you ever?

The pool I was in on Thursday was somewhat on the freezing side! Brrrr
As the gasmen were leaving on Wednesday, I saw some black rubbery thing on the kitchen floor. I asked whether it was theirs, which it wasn't and then threw it in the bin. Fast forward to Friday when I put something on the stove cover and found it was wobbling. When I looked, I realised a black rubbery thing was missing. The one I had thrown in the bin!

So, after I got home from the morning shift at work, I dug up the binbag and dove in. Well, not literally of course, but it felt like it. Fortunately with all the recycling we do in the Netherlands, there wasn't much in the binbag, but I still had to look for about 5 minutes in this dirty binbag to find the little black rubbery thing.

I put the binbag back in the bin and then started to wash the thingy and of course my hands. Because even if the bag wasn't anywhere near full and there was no left over food in there, it still felt pretty gross! But at least now the stove cover isn't wobbling anymore and everything works again as it should! 


  1. Hehehe I just wished to have been a little mouse to watch you digging in the bin !

    My Italian half is crazy about his 7month old grandson and plays Italian songs and sings ! he has an awful voice, I escape !!

  2. Yes, blue seems to be the main colour in that photo.

    Such a nice passtime, digging up small rubbery things from bins. How lovely. I would have seriously considered to get used to the wobblyness of the stove cover. But I'm a lesser person ;-)

  3. Ugh! I hate having to go through the rubbish, particularly if I can't find what I've lost. Still, it's worth it not to have a wobbly cover.

  4. A bit Nippeley Id say?

  5. Or as my daughter would say,
    "mom, are you cold"
    then i move back and forth pretending like im shooting from them like on one of the Austin Powers movies, giggle

  6. Oh, too funny. I used to always do things like that, until I learned to avoid the kitchen.
    Glad you got it back.
    Love the photo of you in the pool. LOL
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. It could happen to anyone -- or not. :)

  8. You look so cold in the picture.
    I think I miss understood about your house stuff being done because you started with several years ago. So they are still currently working on your place.
    Glad you got your stove fixed.


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