Friday, 8 July 2011

After the gas

Last Sunday I celebrated the fact that I've now joined the big four o club. Unfortunately I invited everybody a bit late, so most people weren't able to come due to prior commitments, but some managed to come. One of my friends was supposed to come with her boyfriend and her two children. But when they were halfway, they turned around and went back home. Not because she all of a sudden had decided she didn't want to know me anymore, but because the children were ill and one of them had just emptied her stomach near a big tree! She still managed to come at night though, all by herself. That action didn't earn her any good points in the eyes of her daughter though: she had wanted to come see Auntie Mara as well.

Then this week, the boyfriend celebrated his birthday and because I hadn't seen them all in quite a while, I decided to go over and stay the night. Which was a huge hit with the children, even if at first they didn't quite believe me. I took the little girl to school in the morning, had a very late breakfast with my friend who is going through some tough times right now, got into the icy cold pool in the afternoon and in the mean time I also managed to get some plaster make-up on my face for the video. Yes, I finally made another video.

At first we were doing it out in the backyard, but every time I started to speak, so did the dog next door, so in the end we gave up and went inside. Where it wouldn't have mattered if I had worn clown's make-up, since the video ended up being quite dark! But after about a gazillion tries, I finally had another presentation video, ready to send across the pond!

After dinner last night my friend drove me home again and I spent a quiet evening with my monsters.


  1. Belated Happy Birthday to you! It's rather nice when celebrations go on beyond the actual day.

  2. Yes, belated birthday greetings from this side of the pond and across a lot of land, almost to the Rockies, but not quite.
    Sure hope the video is a success and convinces some Canadian company it can't thrive without you.
    We're looking forward to your arrival.
    Luv, Kay and Dick and Lindy

  3. happy birthday my friend
    i wish i could have been there to celebrate with you and drink a lot and puke my guts out, giggle

  4. May your video be the beginning of a successful career in Canada ;-)

  5. Happy belated birthday Mara!

  6. Sounds like that was fun. It's nice to get away from the house and visit with friends.


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