Friday, 22 July 2011

Dora in the rain

The little mermaid
For some strange reason part of the kids on board has decided to call me Dora. Either because they couldn't remember my real name, or because they think it's a better name (which I don't agree with by the by). Anyway...

Today was Kopenhagen and it rained. All morning it came down, rain, rain and more rain. I was getting quite fed up with it all, but I wanted to see the town, so me and two colleagues hopped on one of those hop on/hop off buses and did the tour. We got off at a castle, walked around that for a while and then decided we would walk to the mermaid, since the bus was really hot and muggy and it had stopped raining. Well, for ten minutes anyway, because then it started again and we nearly got soaked. We sheltered somewhere and when I tried to take a photo of my two colleagues, I tripped and fell flat on my face. Fortunately the only thing that got bruised was my ego, but I felt quite silly with my face down in the street!

One of the many elephants dotted around town.
After about four more showers we finally managed to get to the mermaid and guess what: the sun came out for just a second! I took photos from nearly all angles (it's situated in the water, so I wasn't going in there to take more photos). We then hopped on the bus again and got off at the 'new harbour' which was basically one massive bar! It looked really festive and fun and by then the rain had ceased completely as well. A quick and very expensive drink later we hopped on again and took the last part of the tour.

I must say, Kopenhagen is a lovely town and I would love to go there again to see it properly. In the sun preferably! Another one on my list of 'must-sees'...


  1. Looks fun to me

  2. The little mermaid is beautiful. I would love to see it one day, but I don't think it's very likely now.

  3. In Scouts, we used to sing a ditty -- "Got to be in Kopenhagen in the morning etc". But I guess this is the closest that I'll ever get.

  4. Dora the Explorer. Seems about right to me.

  5. I love both of the photo. The mermaid is awesome and that elephant is adorable. Sounds like me with the bus tours & rain in Europe!!


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