Sunday, 25 April 2010


My colleague. Photo taken in the hot and humid part of dessert/ocean/bush part of the zoo.

You might have wondered a bit about that photo of a warthog I put in my post yesterday. After all, warthogs don't usually have much to do with virus scanners and computers. But since my regular computer is in the shop and with it most of my generic photos and pictures, I needed another one. And since I have visited a zoo only a few days ago, I posted a warthog.

I was with a colleague at the time. A nice and friendly man who will do a lot to help me get the best possible pictures. Every time an animal refused to cooperate, he would make funny sounds and call 'here kitty kitty', even if it wasn't a kitty, but for example a warthog! It made for an interesting visit though, since we must have had some strange looks thrown our way! I told him he couldn't just call kitty to a warthog, but then again 'hey warthog warthog' doesn't have the same ring to it! And in Dutch the name of the animal is even longer! Shortening it to warty wasn't an option either: people would then just give you solutions as to how to get rid of warts!

Despite all his best intentions, the funny looks and the occasional cooperation of some of the animals, I didn't manage to get a lot of good photos. And a zoo without any maras: not a proper zoo at all!!!


  1. In response to your next post which hasn't been posted yet but which I can still see. I never knew about the children not even making it to get butchered in the Promised Land. And as for the Impaler, one might be forgiven for hoping that his death wasn't too easy and merciful.

  2. That is a nice shot of the warthog, though! I'm looking forward to taking the girls to the zoo this summer. :)


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