Monday, 5 April 2010

Busy week

The White Cliffs of Dover

It has been over a week since I was last home (and I will be off again tomorrow, sigh) for over 12 hours and today was spent lounging and mostly doing nothing. But I've had a great week. First of all I was away for five days with a lot of school children. I drove the same school last year and already knew several of the teachers from last year. I still was nervous though, a new coach (higher, wider, longer) and a bit of a different program compared to last year. However, within a few minutes I had realised it was going to be fine and fun and in the end even the different program didn't cause any problems.

I got home on Thursday night (well, early Friday morning truth be told), managed to throw some of my clothes in the washing machine and was off again to Bristol by early afternoon. Of course the plane was delayed and even though I got through customs as one of the first, I had some trouble renting the car. I had already paid for it, but had never read the conditions (does anybody ever?) and hadn't realised I had to cough up another 250 pounds as a deposit. So, back inside the terminal I went, got the money and finally got the car. A brand-spanking new car with only 4 (four) miles on the clock! How brilliant!!!

The TARDIS at BBC television center in London

Anyway, my weekend staying with my friends was great. The reunion (which was the basic reason for going over) was a bit of a dud, since out of the more than twenty who had been supposed to come, only eleven showed up in the end. A bit of a shame, but I had a nice time anyway. Saturday was partly spent shopping with a fifteen-year old. Quite an experience I can tell you. Especially since the last time I went shopping with a fifteen-year old had been... like.... never! But I lived to tell the tale.

That's it for now, life is back to (near) normal.


  1. Once again I find you have to help me out. What is TARDIS?

  2. You certainly are keeping busy. I don't know about TARDIS either.

  3. Wow! You were really busy! I bet you're glad to be back in your own bed. :)

  4. Miss ready your posts but it's good to be busy. You are able to see wonderful places all the time.
    (at least they are awesome to me)


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