Friday, 16 April 2010


Isn't it always the case? When you finally find really nice glasses (not the one in the photo, that one is boring), you only buy one. And when you then realise that you do want more, there is only one glass left in the shop. They cannot be ordered and the people in the shop don't know if or when the next batch will be in!

In the end I phoned my parents and asked them whether they would be willing to go to a shop in their town and buy some for me. Provided of course that shop will still have them...

My parents will be coming over on Sunday, since I invited them over for dinner. I've never done that I think, but I've got the whole menu already figured out. I will have to make the dessert tomorrow (post about it on Monday), since it needs about eight hours to make. The rest is quite easy and quite quick to make, so I should be alright in that area.

Of course apart from making the dessert tomorrow I also need to clean. People seem to have an aversion to cat hairs on their clothes for some reason :)


  1. It is much easier to ban black clothing.

  2. Whoa! A dessert that takes 8 hours to make? I presume that means settling time etc. I mean to say, your hands aren't busy for 8 hours. Right?

  3. @Anvilcloud: The dessert needs about five hours settling! But it is soooooo worth it...

  4. I think most people don't like cat or dog hair on their clothes.

    I hope your parents find the glass you want and you have a wonderful dinner.


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