Saturday, 24 April 2010


It must be a conspiracy. It must be! As soon as my debts were cleared and I could start saving for my emigration to Canada, disaster struck: Sophie had cancer. It cost nearly one thousand euros to get her back to health (something I don't begrudge by the way, I chose to have cats and to me that also implies that I choose to look after them. For better or for worse).

Then early last year I got into a fight with my computer. I hit my laptop. My laptop hit back with a complete breakdown, causing lots of photos to be lost and money needing to be spent to get my laptop up and running again.

And this year? So far a holiday for my parents to Iceland(which I don't begrudge, since I have the bestest parental units in the whole wide world), a holiday with my parents and siblings in Paris for which I need pocket money and to top it all off: another breakdown of my computer. This time not really my fault but that awful McAfee virus thingy! It still means that I need to spend money to get it fixed, because my computer is more or less dead on its feet!

Anyway, I am lucky I have a small notebook which I finally got hooked up to the internet as well. I deleted McAfee from it immediately and installed Norton on it instead!

But it must be a conspiracy thought up by all those people who don't want me to leave: force her to spend money on other things and she will never have enough to spend on emigration!


  1. I guess it is, I am sorry for the issues but of course Sophie was worth it & your parents are worth it too. Sorry about the computer and virus. You could have done without that virus :( You can't live without a computer because I would miss you.

  2. I have vaguely heard of the McAfee thing. What a disaster.

  3. So where do you want to move to in Canada?


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