Sunday, 1 March 2009

My first day

It's been ten years today. Ten years since my very first day on the job and my very first damage. I found myself driving on the verge all of a sudden. Somehow I just drove the bus off the verge and onto the road again, thinking all would be okay. It wasn't until the end of the shift that we noticed the damage. The back wheel surround was completely messed up! And it was only my first day...

More things were to come: a street light I flattened, cars that I turned into a total loss, broken mirrors. All in the first three months! At one point my boss told me that if I didn't shape up my contract wouldn't be renewed! I only had a contract from March until the end of August and I didn't want to try and find a new job again!

So I shaped up. The damages became fewer and farther inbetween. At the end of August my contract was renewed for another four months and at the end of those four months they renewed it indefinitely, no need to worry for my job again!


  1. A lot of people get into scrapes when they first start driving. Maybe it's the same when you first start driving something big.

  2. Well, I had been having lessons for a year, so I should have been able to drive a bus. I blame it on the weather: rain and a lot of wind. A narrow road and a few farms which block out the wind. However as soon as you've passed the farm, the full force of the wind hits you. It must have happened then.


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