Monday, 30 March 2009


My spirits are lifting. Slowly but surely they're coming up out of the blue depths they've been wallowing in and arriving in the sunshine. Helped by a day off, a good book ("First among sequels" by Jasper Fforde), sunshine and rising temperatures. So, out we all went, annoying the neighbour's cats, hanging up the laundry and trying to get a photograph of those little metallic beetles in the end of the branch (nope).

While out in the garden I discovered a plant I hadn't seen before. Well, only in other people's gardens, never in mine. Ground crawlers and only found in the spring, they are considered by some gardeners to be quite a pest. However, since my garden is an eclectic mix of 'never doing much' and trees that came blowing in, a butterfly bush, a berry bush and my christmas tree of two years ago, I probably wouldn't be the authority to ask. I did take a photo however. I think it's of the speedwell family. I like the flowers, they are cheerful and in the absence of any other flowers in my garden, they herald spring to me.

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  1. That's a celandine! I love them, but yes, to a serious gardener they are a pest because you only have to leave a tiny piece of root in the ground and a new plant will grow. We have lots of them, in the flower beds and in the grass too! My lawn also has violets in it, and a tiny blue star-shaped rockery plant that escaped. I don't mind.

    I'm glad your spirits are lifting!


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