Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Head spinning

Today I had to go from A to B, then from C to D, from B to A, D to C, drive around in E, followed by F to G and then H(ome). If you're confused now, imagine how I felt today! Four different sets of paperwork, all going through each other. In the end F to G was cancelled and I got to go H early!

Fortunately I had a sat-nav with round-trip options, so I put every single destination in there and just followed the little box. That way, I did everything in order and wouldn't forget about part of my shift today.

Tomorrow my shift is a bit easier. I'm going to a football match. I actually hope to be able to get in as well, which might surprise you, since I don't really like the game. But, when it's the national team playing and there might be a possibility to actually see the game... After all, the atmosphere counts for over half the enjoyment of a game.

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