Friday, 20 March 2009


Something different today and I didn't have my camera with me! And there was plenty to see as well. Today I was at the 'first stone' of a new army base. So, you wait for a long time until something happens and then it's all over in about ten minutes. But that's not what bothered me about today. I was particularly bothered by what some people chose to wear.

There are some rules about fashion and it seemed as if some people had never heard about fashion, let alone the rules about fashion. The man who introduced the whole thing (very nice looking man), wore dark blue trousers which were perfectly acceptable. It was the black thick ribbed socks, the brown shoes and the grey brown coat that he also wore that just eked me out. How? Where? Why??? Does he not have a partner who just told him not to wear that combination?

Apart from the nice looking man with atrocious colour sense, there was this woman. Bit plump, not too tall. She wore a black skirt and a black top. No problem. At least, if it had been a straight-forward skirt. But of course it wasn't. Imagine a long skirt (ankle length) and then picking up the right side of the hem and bunching it up to make a knee length skirt. The bunched up bit is covered by something resembling a huge belt buckle. Did she not realise it made her look even plumper and chubbier. The top wasn't much better, also having a weird style to it.

Then there was the man with a lovely suit. And a lovely tie as well. Shame about the colours again: some petrol green for the suit and yellow/green for the tie! The man with the dark blue velvet-look suit. The woman in high heels who did not know how to walk in high heels. The man with a black suit, unfortunately the jacket came from one suit and the trousers from another suit.

I think that when you go to some fancy opening and you dress nice, dress properly nice! Don't just throw the oldest thing in your closet on, choose properly. And if you don't, go out all the way and pick something completely outrageous. Like the one woman I saw who wore trainers underneath her skirt. And it looked good!

But maybe it's just me...

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